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About Us

Essential Hires offers recruiting, HR consulting, coaching, career development and outplacement services. Our purpose is to help our clients move ahead in their lives and careers and to help our corporate sponsors benefit from the motivational impact our consulting and coaching has on the employees and the organization. We strive to provide the highest quality of service for maximum satisfaction. Our mission is to provide professionalism, integrity and commitment to superior service.

We aim to be your go to talent management firm for all your business and personal needs. Our consultants and coaches seek to listen and understand your personal wants in order to provide you with the best service. We are there to partner with you and guide you through the entire coaching and consulting process every step of the way. 

Our consultants and coaches possess years of coaching experience which will allow for high quality service. 

Founder & Executive Coach
Brenda Wisniewski
                                                           Brenda Wisniewski has over 20 years of experience in staffing, client service and coaching.
                                                           Starting her career in audit with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Brenda quickly realized her natural
                                                           talent and passion for connecting with others. As a result, Brenda spent most of her career
                                                           working with numerous professionals to advance their careers, lives & businesses. She built                                                                  staffing practices and full agencies where she hired, trained and developed all employees.  

                                                           Brenda has worked with hundreds of individuals at all levels; entry-level, mid-level, management
                                                           and executive. Brenda is highly skilled at empowering people to achieve desired results with
                                                           less effort. She began coaching 15 years ago providing life, career, executive and sales
                                                           coaching services.  

                                                           Brenda’s coaching process helps clients identify obstacles, shift their perspective, take action                                                                and gain the momentum necessary to make lasting change. Brenda holds a Bachelor’s Degree                                                              in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island, is a graduate of Coach U, Core                                                              Essentials Program, and is currently pursuing advanced training from Coach U. She is                                                            also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).
​Core Principles

Limiting Beliefs: We as human beings create and attach meaning to things that happen to us which then become our beliefs about ourselves.  

Breaking through our limiting beliefs allows us to finally understand why we keep doing certain things that aren’t necessarily in our best interest. It allows us to be aware of what it is that is holding us back. With this awareness, we can choose to take back control. That’s empowerment.

Personal Foundation: An individual’s personal foundation is the structure that supports them in living an exceptional life. 

As a cornerstone of this principle, living an authentic “you” is only achieved when all tolerations, unresolved issues and unmet needs are addressed and when one is aligned with their core values.

Authentic Action: Action is essential to any change or forward movement. Every moment of our life, we have a choice to be present and to take action or to stand idle. Being fully present and aware of our thoughts and feelings allows us to be active in a conscious state of being where solutions and success are possible.

Client Testimonials

“I have known Brenda for almost ten years, and most recently worked with her as my coach. It is nearly impossible to do justice in describing her energy, depth of knowledge, positivity, passion for her work or ability to identify with others - you need to meet her to appreciate her natural gifts. She is competent, nurturing, perceptive, encouraging, inspiring, and extremely helpful.”  
- A.C., Business Owner & Founder, Staffing Agency


Brenda has helped me tremendously over the last few months. The coaching has allowed me to step back and truly evaluate who I am and dissect why it is I do certain things, both in my professional and personal life. I was able to admit things to my coach that I've never told anyone else and it allowed me to move forward as a person. She provides a level of trust that is unmatched and I'm extremely grateful to have had her in my life.”  
- S.S., Business Owner & Founder, Staffing Agency


“Working with Brenda as my coach has literally changed my life. She has given me the perspective and tools that I needed to take back control of my life. I was suffering from anxiety and the medication and therapy were just not cutting it. She helped me find the source of my troubles and most importantly has taught me how to address it. The tools and guidance have done more than address my anxiety. She has helped me find balance and improve as a person all around. I've recommended Brenda to family and friends and highly recommend her to anyone searching for personal growth.”
-N.P., Chief Executive Officer, Title Insurance Company

​“Working with Brenda has been a transformative experience. I could write a book about it, but I'll try to be brief. I had tried so many things to find direction in my life. For some of us, the very fact that we have a lot of potential makes it harder. Brenda approached my career difficulties holistically. I remember her saying that it's not about what you do as a career so much as who you want to be. My whole life has improved; finding a career path has been a side-effect.

Brenda is a great coach. She helped me FINALLY get going with the work I want to do.”
-D.T., Career Transition Coaching Client


“Doing the coaching was extremely interesting, educational, beneficial and fun. Going into the sessions I didn't know what to expect and I was basically looking for the proverbial "kick in the butt" to get myself out of a funk. I ended up getting so much more. Brenda has an innate ability to connect with people, listen, hone in on their needs and guide them towards taking steps to achieving their goals and desires. She doesn't judge or criticize and makes you feel very secure and comfortable discussing issues that you wouldn't necessarily share with a stranger. 

Aside from being so personable she is also very knowledgeable. Her questions were always right on the mark and her advice was exactly what I needed. I especially enjoyed all of those "aha" moments that ultimately helped propel me forward. She helped me immensely and every week I was a step closer to my goals. I not only feel better (goodbye funk!!!) but I have the tools to continue enhancing my life. I would highly recommend Essential Hires to anyone looking to improve their lives, whether it's on a professional or personal level.”

With thanks, 
A very satisfied client


“Brenda is a caring and insightful professional who helps you nurture your goals and dreams. If you don't know what your goals and dreams are she'll help you find them. She is your mentor, mother, friend, therapist and career counselor all rolled into one! Everyone should have the opportunity to work with her. She has made a difference in my life and will do the same for you.”
-S.B., Advertising Executive


As part of my job as a career counselor/job developer for the NCJ Center for Women, I run a monthly Job Club. I ask local employers/job coaches/ employment agencies to speak about a topic my clients are having trouble overcoming during their job search process. 

Brenda Wisniewski, owner of Essential Hires, was able to lead a discussion on “How to answer tough interview questions.” Brenda was enthusiastic, intelligent and thoughtful on how she facilitated the group. My clients were impressed by Brenda’s professionalism and her empathy regarding their personal job search journeys. She even offered to assist several participants on a one on one review of their interview styles. Brenda is a caring Human Resources professional, who relates easily to employees and businesses.

P.T., Job Developer/Job Readiness Program



"Visualize and energize the impossible
and the results will lift you way up."