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Manging Your Energy

by Brenda Wisniewski on 05/22/13

Energy! What is it anyway? We hear people talk about it all the time, especially on an interview. That candidate had great energy, that candidate had bad energy. What does that mean? And, how can you ensure that you don't have "bad" energy?

To me, energy is what attracts or repels people, things and circumstances to or from you. You can be vibrating at a high frequency or a low frequency and guess what, if you're vibrating at a low frequency, chances are you're probably not liking your life all that much. Why? Because low frequencies attract more low frequencies and high frequencies attract high frequencies.

An example of a high frequency is positive thoughts. An example of a low frequency is negative thoughts. We've all heard of law of attraction, that if we think positive thoughts we'll attract what we want. Yes, that's partly true. You want to think positively, but if there's a part of you that doesn't believe what you're saying you can still vibrate at a lower frequency and not attract what you want.

For example, if you want a red corvette and think positively that someday you will own one, that increases your energy. However, if underneath that desire there is a subconscious belief that you don't deserve a red corvette, or a belief that you're not worthy of such success, then guess what, that core belief will win over and you will most likely never have that red corvette, at least not until you address this core belief and let it go. Letting it go is not as easy as it sounds, but it is possible. Once you start to truly belief you do deserve that red corvette then that is when you start to increase your vibration and attract that red corvette.

By managing your energy in this way you bring what you want to you versus painstakingly chasing after it. Instead, you allow the universe to bring it to you, you are care free and don't worry about how it's going to come. It just comes because you've put yourself on the same frequency as it.

So, what frequency are you the same as? To figure this out, just look at your life, notice where you're struggling. Is it getting that dream job? Is it finding the perfect mate? Or is it losing weight and having the great body you've always wanted? If you're struggling with something, that is a sign, that you're stuck in a story and have a limiting belief about what is possible for you. And, it's a sign, you're vibrating at a low frequency. You're energy is low. And, when you're energy is low, you continue to attract more low energy stuff that you most likely don't want in your life. Things like illness, financial struggles, bad relationships, trouble at work, all fall into this category.

Ask yourself, how can I better manage my energy? Where am I feeling bad, sad, stuck or frustrated? What am I saying to myself about that? And, do I really believe that's true? If not, then how can I rephrase that so I feel a little better? And, how can I rephrase that again so I feel even better? Then once you feel pretty good or even great about the thing that was originally making you feel not so good think about what's possible and what action if any you can take. Even if you take no action at all you will still increase your chances of it coming to you or something even better, because your energy is now higher and vibrating at the same frequency of what you want to experience. And, take notice, is what you want really what you want or is it a feeling you're after? Tap into that feeling, catch yourself when you experience it in your daily life and then watch the universe bring that feeling to you - it might not be in the exact form you expect it to be in (red corvette) but it could be something even better.

Please share if you've practiced managing your energy and if so, what you experience as you play with this.

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