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For the Employer

Staffing and Recruiting Optimization 
Essential Hires can help you improve your current recruiting efforts. Take advantage of our contingency search model to fill permanent positions, our RPO model where you get a dedicated recruiter anytime you need, and our consulting and coaching services to help you create an attraction-based employer value proposition while coaching your recruiting team and hiring managers to be the best they can be. 


Employment Engagement & Performance
We address workplace engagement challenges through the use of coaching. We believe that coaching is an invaluable tool that can get to the heart of any issue. Coaching tactics empower the individual who is not currently engaged with their employer to take action and improve performance.  

Coaching provides the individual being coached the space to freely express their thoughts and work through challenges. In turn, this greatly supports the company. Sometimes, people need someone to talk to. Some seek diection. Others just need the space to come up with answer on their own. Coaching allows for all of this and allows for employees to re-engage and become excited about work again. 

Coaching for high potentials empowers them to continue producing taking them to the next level of attraction and success.

Leadership & Team Development
Whether you're an experienced Leader or a 1st time Manager our coaches will help you become the best version of yourself, identify and exhibit the appropriate skills needed and be the best leader you can be. 

OUTPLACEMENT - Career Transition Program (CTP)
The CTP is devoted to strengthening an individual’s personal foundation, which is essential to their job search success, and their job search effectiveness.  We teach all facets of creating and executing on an effective marketing campaign and job search techniques that work. 

Personal Mastery Coaching Module
Personal Mastery is the key to living your best life and producing your best work. People cannot be their best when they are: 

  • Out of alignment with their core values 
  • Driven by unmet needs 
  • Dealing with Tolerations
  • Carrying Unresolved Issues
  • Living without Integrity
  • Unaware of what is really driving their behavior

After working through a personal mastery module, participants start to feel lighter, freer and have more energy. This is when our candidates present themselves their best and do their best work. This module includes a number of focus areas including:

  • Identification of Limiting Beliefs & Letting Go 
  • Unmet Needs Assessment
  • Tolerations
  • Unresolved Issues Resolved
  • Core Values Alignment
  • Attraction Principals – Uncovering the Essence of your Desire
  • Acceptance 
  • Gratitude & Shifting of One’s Perception 

Job Search Training & Coaching Module
Our coaches & consultants work closely with individuals to implement best-practices across the entire recruiting process. We teach recruiting strategies that get the attention of hiring managers. Our tactics are employed by some of the most successful sourcing professionals in the industry. Our process empowers people in transition to uncover opportunities and land themselves a position quickly.

  • Career Planning Assessment 
  • Resume Development 
  • Linked In Profile Development 
  • Marketing Tools 
  • Networking 
  • Provide Research 
  • Marketing Plan Development 
  • Marketing Campaign 
  • Interview Training 
  • Negotiating Job Offers 
  • Transition to a New Role

​BEST FIT PROGRAM - Re-Deployment & Organizational Mastery 
To maximize any organization’s intellectual assets, each member of the team must be at their best. To be at their best, each employee or team member must find true alignment between their professional aspirations and their personal motivations.  

The purpose of the program is to align the organization’s core values and vision with their employee’s personal values, natural strengths/talents and passions. Once this alignment matches the position they hold within the organization, we have achieved a best fit, providing years of returns for both the organization and the employee. The employees will be intrinsically motivated versus needing external motivators such as financial bonuses and reward incentives.

We start with an assessment of the executives and key stakeholders individual passions, natural strengths and core values to ensure proper alignment at the leadership level. We then conduct a highly creative and innovative brainstorming session with executives and key stakeholders to unlock organizational desires, passions and core values. This exercise will formulate the organization’s core values which are essential in driving the company to achieve its goals and attract the right talent to the organization and retain the right talent within the organization. We use a variety of assessments and exercises including the Mbti, DISC, Birkman, Best Fit, Needless, and TruValue as needed.  
Re-alignment of the employee and the positions they hold within the company is part of a long-term HR strategy that impacts all corporate functions. High-performing small to mid-sized companies or departments are best suited for this unique and impactful approach. With the right people in the right roles the organization will experience increased employee satisfaction and increased shareholder value.  

"My main job was
developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment's to our top 750 people. Of course, I had to pull out some weeds, too" 
Jack Welch